Other departments

Ours departments

We join the beauty of the body with a beautiful smile and thus create the perfect combination of our departments:

DermaCenter DentalCenter PlasticCenter

The services we provide are a combination of treatments of plastic surgery (PLASTICCENTER), dentistry / maxillofacial surgery (DENTALCENTER) and dermatology (DERMACENTER). Our aim is to provide clients the best care possible and to listen to their requests in an effort to achieve the desired results.

We bring comprehensive and individual care, from a client’s first visit for a consultation to his last visit at the post-procedure check-up. The quality of the procedure, the expertise and high professionalism are fundamental attributes in our treatment of our patients. The best experts with years of practice, international experience and a special approach to each client work in our departments.

Our clinics are located at shopping centres in three regional cities – Bratislava, Nitra and Košice – which provide you with easy access as well as problem-free parking.

Comprehensive clinic in Košice!

On the basis of suggestions from our clients and our long years of practice and experience in aesthetic correction, we decided to implement a new project at the end of 2018, the goal of which is to combine plastic surgery and maxillofacial surgery in one place! This new clinic is the largest in eastern Slovakia with a focus on aesthetic and maxillofacial surgery. It is located in the beautiful, new and modern premises on Tajovského Street, in the city of Košice, where it offers a wide range of state-of-the-art surgeries and equipment along with the latest procedures that go hand in hand with a specialized team of experts.

We look forward to making your dreams come true.



place OC RETRO Ružinov
Nevädzová 6 (1. floor)
821 01 Bratislava

alternate_email bratislava@dermacenter.sk
phone +421 2 221 17 110

alternate_email bratislava@dentalc.sk
phone +421 2 221 17 112


place OC MLYNY
Štefánikova trieda 35/61 (2. floor)
949 01 Nitra

alternate_email nitra@dermacenter.sk
phone +421 37 221 11 13

alternate_email nitra@plasticcenter.sk
phone +421 37 221 11 14

alternate_email nitra@dentalc.sk
phone +421 37 221 11 15


place Tajovského 17
040 01 Košice

alternate_email kosice@dermacenter.sk
phone +421 55 221 11 25

alternate_email kosice@plasticcenter.sk
phone +421 55 221 11 26

alternate_email kosice@dentalc.sk
phone +421 55 221 11 27

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